Covered Vans

Simple Models from Starter Sets

UIC-Style Van SBB



Italian Style Covered Vans

This is a model from the very early days of Lima. The details were quite good, production of this wagon ended in 1971 with the "Derrate Alimentari" ferry van, which was apparently used for testing the British market before introducing British prototype models.

2008 brown


2008 silver


2008 white


2008 FS white


2008 "Banane"


2008 DB "ASG"


2008 FS "Derrate Alimentari"


2008 FS "Gelati Alemagna"



Standard Van

This covered wagon is actually one of the models with the longest production time in the Lima range. Single as well as two piece doors were used on the yellow "Gullfiber" van. The model has been copied by a company named Grötsch, Germany. 

3101 NSB (1st Version)


3101 NSB (2nd Version)


3101 NSB (3rd Version)


3102 FS


3112 SJ "Gullfiber"


3105 SNCF (with tail lights)



3102 SBB PTT-Post


3106 SNCF "Senam"


3106 SNCF "Sernam"


3108 SBB "Henniez"


3154 SBB "Ovomaltine"


3161 FS


3162 SNCF


3163 FS "FIAT"


3164 DB "ASG"


3166 SBB


3167 SNCF "Chiquita"


3508 Military (camouflage)


3565 NS


3568 NSB



Other Vans

3546 SBB


3554 SJ "ASG"


3205 SNCF


3287 CP (Portugal)


3200 SBB "Bischofszell"


3201 SJ "Skandiatransport"


3202 SNCF "Kronenbourg"


3204 DB "BMW Motors"


3205 SBB "Migros"


3208 SBB


3586 SBB "Aproz"


3576 DB "G+H Isover"



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