Freight Wagons Great Britain

Simple models from Starter Sets

2656E FS BP


3133E BR


3144E Schweppes


3374E Lima


3365E Austin Rover


3367E Clarks


1973 Lima introduced the first models for the British market. Back then H0 scale (1/87) was used. Some of the wagons were good copies of British prototypes, others were just repaints of models already in the continental range.

H0 British Wagons

3176 Hall & Dean


3177 Caxton


3179 Kendall & Co.


3180 BR


3156 Tate & Lyle


3160 Ford


3168 Fyffes Bananas


3170 Southern Railway


3152 BR Brake Van


H0 Wagons (Repaints from the continental range)

2805 Silo "Prestwin"


2805 Silo "Blue Circle" (reverse Logo)


2805 Silo "Blue Circle" (2nd Version)


2822 BR "Watney´s"


2871 "Freightliners Ltd."


2911 BR "Pfizer"


2913 BR "Amoco"


3155 "East Anglian Meat"


3165 BR


3175 BR


3118 BR "Schweppes"


3194 BR "Traffic Service"


3194 BR "BRT Railfreight"


9053 BR "Motorail"



After 1976 the whole H0 range was dropped and replaced by 00/H0 models. Many of the continental models were continued in the 00 programme.

00/H0 British Wagons

5612W Black Park


5612W Glasshoughton


5613W Evans & Bevan


5631W Harrison


5633W Pinxton


5673W Black & Decker


5601W Typhoo Tea


5602W Homepride


5682W Pearl of Cyprus


5625W GWR Horse Wagon


5628W BR Horse Wagon




5352W GWR GUV "Palethorpes"


5353W BR GUV



5354W BR "Enparts"


5357W BR Brake


5635W BR Yeoman


5631A3 BR Bogie Carrier


5635W BR Yeoman


5636W BR ARC


5637W BR


5668W BR BP-Chemicals


5659W BR Neill & Brown


5647W BR Phillips 66


5649W BR Total




00/H0 Wagons (Repaints from the continental range)




2720W BR "ICI Chemicals"


2720W BR "Amoco"


2721W BR "Mobil LP Gas"


2722W BR Unigate


2908W BR "Esso"


2909W BR "Total"


2911W BR "Milk"


2911W BR "Texaco"


2805W BR "Blue Circle"


3114W BR "Grimsby Fish"


3545W BR "Heinz"


2870W "ACL"


2852W "Scotch Beef/LHB"


2991 NE (LNER)


2892W BR NCB


3199W BR "BP-Offshore Service"


3203 CIE Sundries


3204 BR Railfreight


9053W BR "Motorail"


9057W BR "British Leyland"




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