Simple Models from Starter Sets

Further models please see Great Britain and Lima Crick

Tanker DB "VTG"


Tanker BR "Texaco"


Tanker FS "Esso Red"


Tanker FS "Esso"


Tanker FS "Sati"


Tanker FS "Shell" (Version I)


Tanker FS "Shell" (Version II)


Tanker DB "Aral"


Tanker "Exxon"


4-wheel Tanker, short (before 1970)

2701 "Esso"


2702 "Shell"


2702 "Shell" (Variation)


2703 "Agip Supercortemaggiore"


2705 "Aral"



4-wheel Tankers with Dome and Ladders (from 1971)

Further models see Great Britain and South Africa

2711 FS "Esso"


2712 FS "Agip"


2713 FS "Shell" (Version I)


2713 FS "Shell" (Version II)


2714 FS "Aral" (Version I, glossy)


2714 FS "Aral" (Version II)


2714 FS "Aral" (Version III)


2715 FS "BP"


2716 FS "Gulf"


2716 SNCF "ELF"


2717 FS "Total"


2718 SNCF "Cie. Europčene"


2716 SBB "AVIA"



4-wheel Gas Tankers

The gas tankers used the same underframe as the normal tankers, but it had a cast on sun roof and  an unloading device on the front side. It had no dome and ladders.

2711 FS "Esso"


2718 DB "VTG"


2719 SNCF "Air Liquide"


2719 SNCF "Air Liquide/ELF"


2719 SNCF "Air Liquide"


2720 FS "Sati"


Track Cleaner

The track cleaner originates from an old Jouef mould. After taking over of this brand it was listed in the Lima range. Before that, Lima had no track cleaners.

2900 SNCF "VB"



Bogie Tanker (old style before 1961)

9031 "Shell"


9032 "Oil"


9033 "Agip Supercortemaggiore"


Bogie Tanker (1962 - 1970)

The moulds of this wagon was later passed on to the Yugoslavian company Mehanotehnika, where ist is still in use.

9030 Unlettered


9031 "Shell" (Version I)


9031 "Shell" (Version II)


9032 "Mobil"


9032 "Aral"


9032 "Total"


9033 "BP"


9033 "BP" (single axle bogies)



Bogie Tanker (from 1971)

Further Versions please see Great Britain, USA und Australia. Gas tankers used the same body, but had no dome and ladders.

2901 FS "Agipgas" (Papieraufkleber)


2901 "Butagaz"


2902 FS "Pibigas" (Papieraufkleber)


2903 FS "Liquigas"


2903 "Mobiloil"


2904 FS "Butan Gas"


2904 FS "Covengas Shell"


2904 "Shellgas"


2904 "Linde Gas"


2905 SNCF "Kuhlmann"


2905 SNCF "Kuhlmann"


2906 SNCF "Marcel Millet"


2906 SNCF "Marcel Millet"


2907 SNCF "St. Gobain"


2907 "Esso Red"


2908 SNCF "Calorigaz"


2914 Renfe "Butano"


2915 "OMV"


2916 "Texaco"


2916 "Agip"


2919 "Max Meyer"


2920 "Air Liquide"


2921 SBB "Uetikon"




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