Other Wagons

This page lists all freight wagons, which didn´t fit into anywhere else.

Twin Tank Cement Wagon

Further models please see Great Britain.

2801 FS


2802 SNCF "Cie. Europčene"


2803 SNCF "Cie. Nouvelle de Cadres"


2804 SNCF "Omya"


2804 FS "Ausiliare"


2807 DSB "Phoenix"


2808 SNCF


2809 SNCF "EVS Transpul"


2851K DB "Nacco"


High Capacity Self Discharge Hopper

This hopper is actually in modelled 1/85 scale and is very similar to the Fleischmann hopper from 1966. Only the unloading mechanism is different. Further models please see Great Britain und South Africa.

2891 DB "Erz IIId"


2893 SNCF "St. Gobain"


2896 SBB "Jurazement"


2931 RAG



4-wheel Hopper

This kind of wagon was first introduced in 1971 but not produced. It was then reintroduced 1989.

3632K SNFL (Italia)



Bogie Hopper (long)

3570 DB



Opening Roof Van

Another similar van was produced for Australia.

3181 DB


3181 DB


3181 DB


3182 SNCF


3182 SNCF


3183 FS "Emerson"


3183 DB "Varta"


8183 DB "Varta" (Silver Roof)



Telescopic Roof Wagon

3184 SNCF


3185 NS (reverse Logo)


3185 NS (2nd Series)


3186 DB "VAW"


3188 SBB


3190 Renfe


3190 FS Italia


330200 SNCF (Jouef)



Open Top Wagon

3185 SNCB


3187 SNCF


3188 SNCF "Findus"


Wood Chip Wagon

2832 SJ



Car Carriers

2680 FS (Starter Set)


9051 FS (Operating)


0941 BR "Renault" (Operating)


0944 BR "FIAT" (Operating)


0944 DB "FIAT" (Operating)


9054 DB


9077 ÖBB


9050 FS "Sitfa"


9050 FS "Sitfa"


9050 FS "Sitfa"


9061 SJ "Skandiatransport"


9062 DB


9063 SBB "Goth"




Tipper Wagon



2810 Short


2810 Long


300001K "CNC"


300001K "Simotra"


300001K "VB"


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