Freight Wagons South Africa SAR/SAS


Simple Models from Starter Sets

3021E SAR


3150E SAR Refrigerator


3150E SAR Refrigerator


Tank Car "Liquefied Ammonia"




Standard Programme

With the exception of the SASOL-tanker and the high capacity hopper, which were taken from the european range, all wagons are quite good models of South African prototypes. They are very popular among collectors.

2710 SAR "Sasol"


2895 SAR Hopper Car


2917 SAR Tank Car "Petrol"

3520 SAR Gondola


9040 SAR Box Car


9041 SAR Hopper Car


9046 SAR Box Car


9071 SAR Hopper  "Sugar/Suiker"


9072 SAR Covered Hopper


9343 SAR Brake Van






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