Freight Cars USA


Lima served the US market from 1973 on. Many of these models were orders from AHM (Associated Hobby Manufacturers) and PMI (Model Power). Models for the American market were equipped with NMRA-couplers. American models for European and Australian makets used European hook and loop couplers. Mexican models with NdeM markings (Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico) were not very successful and are quite rare.


Simple Models from Starter Sets

Gondola "Burlington"


Gondola "Union Pacific"


Reefer "New York Central"


Reefer "ATSF"


Car Carrier "Rio Grande"



Reefer Cars

Early models had seperate cat walks, from 1977 on these parts were integrated in the body moulds.

3221 Libby´s


3225 Northern Pacific


3226 New York Central


3226 UP/SP Pacific Fruit Express


3229 NdeM (Mexico)


6721 (PMI) PFE


6722 (PMI) Pennsylvania


0982 NYC (unloading mechanism)



Gondola Cars

3212 Burlington Route


3215 Southern Railroad


3216 Algoma Central


6736 (PMI) Burlington


6741 (PMI) Pennsylvania



Flat Cars

Bulkhead flat cars had an unloading mechanism and were sold in small sets with unloading platform and tube load.

3251 Pennsylvania


3253 Santa Fe


3261 Southern Railroad


3264 Santa Fe


3271 Santa Fe


3278 Pennsylvania


3491 Circus


3493 Circus


3441 Santa Fe


2880 Bulkhead Flat Car "PRR"


3282 Bulkhead Flat Car "Southern"



Tank Cars

The Mexican tanker 2918 is based on a European model. This car is extremely rare. Like any other models for the Mexican market it has european couplers.

3231 Burlington


3625 3-Dome Exxon


2918 NdeM


Cabooses (Cabeese?)

Lima only produced a bay window caboose in many different roadnames. Early series had a seperately applied bay window. Models from starter sets lacked some details (cat walks, ladders, handrails).

3119 Canadian National CN


3120 Burlington Northern BN


3121 B&O (1st Version)


3121 B&O (2nd Version)


3122 Spirit of 76


3123 New York Central


3124 Union Pacific


3125 Pennsylvania


3126 Santa Fe


3127 Transfer


3127 Transfer (Starter Set)


3128 CP Rail


3129 Penn Central


3210 NdeM (Mexico)


6779 (PMI) BN


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