Simple models from starter sets

These simple models only came in starter sets. They used a one piece body and frame, only the roof was applied seperately. Further models please see  USA and South Africa.

3137E DB "Spatenbräu"


3140E FS "Interfrigo"


3141E DB "Lederer Bräu"


3142E "Coca Cola"


3146E FS "Sillan"




3148E DSB "Carlsberg"


3140E FS "Interfrigo" (white)



4-wheel Refrigerators

By the end of the 1960´s Lima introduced a range of nicely done refigerators. The first series had ribbed sides. To make the printing process easier the body casting was replaced in 1971 with a smooth side moulding. Only the french STEF-wagon retained its ribbed sides well into the 80´s. Then in 2002 a new model from the very first mould with ribbed sides was introduced. Please see Great Britain for more refrigerators.

3100 DB "Patrizier Bier"


3103 FS "Interfrigo" (black lettering)


3103 FS "Interfrigo" (blue lettering)


3103 FS "Interfrigo"


3103 FS "Interfrigo"


3104 SNCF "STEF" (Version I)


3104 SNCF "STEF" (Version II)


3108 SBB "Bell"


3109 DSB "Carlsberg"


3109 DSB "Carlsberg"


3109 DSB "Carlsberg"


3110 DB "Lederer" (yellow)


3110 DB "Lederer" (brown)


3110 Renfe "Transfesa"


3110 Renfe "Transfesa"


3110 Renfe "Transfesa"


3110 Renfe "Transfesa"


3111 DB "Spatenbräu"


3111 DB "Spatenbräu"


3112 SJ "Gullfiber"


3113 FS "Sillan"


3113 "Coca Cola" (Version I)


3113 "Coca Cola" (Version II)


3115 SNCF "Evian"


3116 DSB "Tuborg"


3117 SNCF "Kronenbourg"


3152 SBB "Cardinal"


3120 FS (Hobby Line 2002)


3551 SNCF "Kronenbourg"



Long wheelbase Refrigerators

3552 DSB "Carlsberg"


3558 SBB "Löwenbräu Zürich"


3204K FS "Zuegg"


3205K FS "Alto Adige"


3548K SJ weathered


3560K Lima-Group


High Capacity Refrigerators

For further models please see Great Britain.

3191 FS "Interfrigo"


3192 DB "Staufen Bräu"


3193 FS "Sillan"


3193 FS "Martini"


3193 DB "Weihenstephan"


3195 SBB "Feldschlösschen"


3196 SBB "Orangina"


3197 SBB "EX Bier"


3121 FS" Interfrigo" (Hobby Line)


3588 SBB "Migros"




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