Flat Wagons

Simple models from Starter Sets and Accessory Packs

0960E Flat with two Trailers


0963E Flat with Trailer


2880E SNCF Flat with Tubes


Bolster Wagons

The bolster wagon with "Shell" tubes is from the late 60´s for the US-market, note the NMRA couplings. From the mid 80's the steps in the centre of the wagons were eliminated.

9038 Wood load


9038 Wood  load (no Steps)


9039 Tube load "Shell"


9039 Tube load "Total"




Older Flat Wagons

2010 without load


2011 with Jeeps



9035 with trees


9035 with tubes


9036 with wood


Flat Wagons with End Walls

Also see Australia.

2860 SJ "ASG"


2860 SNCF "Vittel"


2862 ÖBB "Delacher"


2863 SNCF


2864 FS "FIAT"


2868 FS "Ausiliare"


9044 SNCF




Container Carrier

1971 Lima introduced four wheel container carriers. With their detailed underframes they were actually quite good models. It was made with a variety of loads, different containers and even cars. See Great Britain for further versions.

2682 DB with cars


2841 DB


2842 Slotts Senap


2843 Omya 


2844 Hoechst


2847 DSB "Svelast"


2848 ÖBB


2849 Chiquita


2849 Melbalino (special edition)


2850 Incotrans/Hapag Lloyd


2851 CTI/K&N


2852 Danzas/CNC


2852 LHB/ Scotch Beef


2853 ACL/Sea Land


2853 Linjegods


2854 LEP/Danzas


2855 Tiedemann/Hapag Lloyd


2856 Merzario/Contrans


2857 MM/Mateu&Mateu


2858 Interfrigo


2859 Ruffoni/DB


2859 DB


2859E DB TFG


2872 Renfe


2973 SNCF


3232 DSB


3302K SBB


Bogie Flat Wagon (Lima Nova)

In the mid 90´s Lima introduced this beautiful flat wagon which was offered with different loads and in versions for many european Railways. It was made entirely of metal.

2852K DB


3306K NSB



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