Open Wagons

Simple Models from Starter Sets

Body and frame are made as a single piece. This models always have been delivered with plastic wheels. Further versions see Great Britain, South Africa, USA, Lima Crick.

3131 FS


3131 FS


3134 NSB


3135 SNCF


Open Wagon "La Poste"



Short Low Sided Wagon

This model was made until 1971 with various loads or empty. It never had any inscriptions.



2003 with drums (grey)


2003 with drums (silver)


2004 with reactor


2007 with brakeman´s cab



Long Low Sided Wagon

These long open wagons were quite similar to the short ones. They never have been pictured in a catalogue, but show up quite often on the second hand market. They have been available lettered or without inscriptions.


FS with lettering





Short High Sided Wagon

2009 FS


2009 FS with coal load


2009 SV (white lettering)


2009 SV (yellow lettering)


2009 brown


2009 green


Long High Sided Wagon

These models were quite similar to their short counterparts. They never have been catalogued but show up frequently on the second hand market.






Italian Low Sided Wagon with Brakeman´s Cab

This model was introduced in 1971 and eventually became one of the best selling Lima models. It was offered with a variety of loads. One version was made for Great Britain.

2007 FS


2811 FS "Dalmine"


2811 FS "Thyssenrohr"


2811 FS "Thyssenrohr"


2812 FS with coils


2813 FS "Splügen Bier"


2816 FS "Peroni"


2816 FS "Dinkelacker Bier"


2817 FS "Birkel"


2818 FS "Anker Bier"


2819 FS "Löwenbräu" white


2819 FS "Löwenbräu" blue


2821 FS


2822 FS "Chianti"


2828 FS "Beaujolais"


2814 FS (incorrectly assembled)


2830 FS "Lima"


2853 FS "Linjegods" (rare)


2861 FS


2861 FS "Agfa, Mercedes"


2862 FS "Ocean, Everite"


High Sided Wagon UIC-Style

Further models have been made for Great Britain.

3171 FS


3172 SNCF


3173 SV (Societa Veneta)


3177 SBB


3174 FS with coal load


3174 FS with NS-Logo


3152 FS with tarpaulin




Swdish Low Sided Wagon

This model had movable walls and stakes. It was delivered with loads and empty. It was a good model but had no inscriptions.

2831 SJ unlettered


3547 SJ unlettered



Bogie Open Wagon EAOS

9045 SBB


9046K SBB weathered


9064 DB


9066 FS



Other Open Wagons

9034 DB High Sided Wagon 


9043 DB High Sided Wagon


Low Sided Wagon (camouflage)


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