Over the years Lima copied many models from other manufacturers as well as other train makers copied Lima.

The first two examples are made by Grötsch, Germany. The similarities to the Lima models are clearly visible.

DB Van (Grötsch)


The Lima model


Low sided Wagon (Grötsch)


Lima (longer wheelbase)


Very interresting are the models made by Paya, Spain in the mid 70's. Aside the shown locos in different colour schemes, Paya offered a German E69 as well. Paya models look a lot cheaper as their Lima counterparts.

Paya FS E645


Lima FS E646


Paya Renfe BB15006


The Lima model



On the other hand, Lima also copied other manufacturers trains or at least Lima models looked quite similar to them. In many cases these were models from Fleischmann, Nuremberg. Here are some samples, the pictures of the Fleischmann models were supplied by Ralf Minkenberg.

Fleischmann E69


The slightly longer Lima engine


Fleischmann V60


Lima V60


Fleischmann Hopper


The similar Lima model


Fleischmann luggage van


Lima luggage van


Lima apparently copied their small Alco Switcher from a Mantua model.

Mantua Switcher (die cast)


Lima Switcher



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