Here is a brief introduction of the Hong Kong based manufacturer Playart. Itīs a rather big toy manufacturer, which produced die-cast cars, slot-cars and also model trains. There is not much known about this company. Production started apparently in the 1970īs, mainly orders from US wholesale companies like Model Power and AHM. Also, the japanese company Tomy might have been supplied with toy trains.

Very interresting is the fact (and thatīs the reason why Playart shows up on this site), that Playart copied a couple of Lima models. These copies have can motors and many of them have blue tinted windows. Couplings are similar to Lima in their looks and size, even though, some are equipped with British Hornby couplings.

I am still searching for further information about Playart.



SBB Ae 6/6


SBB Ae 6/6 "Swiss Express"


DB 216 025-7 TEE


EMD F7A "Texas Special"


German Style Steam Engine


Tank Locomotive


Tender, German Style




Multiple Unit Trains

Shinkansen Bullet Trains were also available in Amtrak and Santa Fe "Warbonnet" colours.

JNR Shinkansen


JNR Shinkansen


JNR Shinkansen


JNR Shinkansen  (Dummy)


JNR 485 Pilot Coach 1


JNR 485 Motor Coach


JNR 485 Centre Coach  "Green Car"


JNR 485 Pilot Coach 2



Passenger Coaches

The Swiss coaches are copies of the Lima models. Even the lettering and numbers are the same. The only differences are the missing interior and the blue windows.

SBB A (1st class) EW II


SBB B (2nd class) EW II


SBB A "Swiss Express"


SBB Dining Car "Swiss Express"



Freight Wagons

The tanker is quite similar to the Lima tanker. Only the tank itself is a little bit longer, due to the longer frame. The lettering is a paper sticker and similar to the Lima sticker.

Tanker "Mobiloil" silver


Tanker "Mobiloil" light blue


Covered Van "Union Pacific"


Covered Van "DB"


Open Wagon BR "NCB"


Flat Car "Southern RR"


Low Sided Open Wagon


High Sided Open Wagon



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