Locomotives USA


Steam Locos

3007LA Santa Fe Alco Switcher


3008B Alco 1930 CN


3008ELG Alco 1930 B&O


3009 New York Central 2-8-2 "Mikado"




Diesel Locos

Models with European couplings were mainly sold outside of the USA. For the US-market NMRA-couplings (X2F/horn-hook) were used.

1654 Santa Fe Plymouth MDT


1654LB CN Plymouth MDT


1654LC Chessie Plymouth MDT


8080 Alco C420 "Bicentennial"


8081 Union Pacific Alco C420


9620 Union Pacific Alco C420 Dummy


8083 Santa Fe Alco C420


8086 CN Alco C420


8088 NdeM Alco C420 


8073 BN EMD FP45


8075 Penn Central EMD FP45


8075 Amtrak EMD FP45


8075 Amtrak EMD FP45


8077 CN/VIA EMD FP45


8071 Santa Fe EMD FP45


9600 Santa Fe EMD FP45 Dummy


8072 CP Rail EMD FP45



Alco C420 Reissue

Lima reissued their Alco C420 around 1989. The frame was now die cast, steps and pilots were now part of the body casting. It was powered by a can motor with flywheels. This model was sold through MRC (Model Rectifier Corp.).

8078LY Lehigh Valley Alco C420




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