Australian Locomotives


Steam Engines

The semi-streamlined class 38 was actually the last newly developed steamer from Lima. The model was introduced in 1996 and delivered exclusively to the Australian market. The frame and tender, as well as the G-motor were taken from the old class 38 model from the 1970´s. Especially the tender was critizised by Australian modellers, as it was originally from a French SNCF 141R Mikado.

1715 Fowler 4F1908


1716 Class 38 4-6-2 "Pacific"


3015 Class 38 02 4-6-2 "Pacific"


8482 Class 38 "Semi-Streamlined"



Diesel Engines

8041 V&SAR Alco Cl. 930


8049 NSWGR Alco Cl. 44 "Reverse"


8123 ANR Class GM32


8206 VLine Class B80


8221 VR Class B65


8681 Great Northern Cl. 42


Multiple Unit Trains

The following XPT-Trains are repainted British HST-Trains, therefore the scale is 1/76. These items are only approximate models of the prototype operating in New South Wales. The "Countrylink"-version has been introduced as a set in 1992, item number (14)9759. I am not sure, if seperate coaches have been sold.



5166 NSWGR XPT-Coach 1


6167 NSWGR XPT-Coach 2


5168 NSWGR XPT Dummy


XPT "Countrylink"


XPT "Countrylink"


XPT "Countrylink"


XPT "Countrylink"



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