Japan JNR


From the mid 70´s, Lima produced a small and unfortunately rather unsuccessful range of trains for the Japanese market. In the catalogue only MU-trains and Shinkansen Bullet Trains were listed, but  there were starter sets with "japanized" locomotives.  



This Diesel shunter was based on the German V100 and only produced for japanese Starter Sets.

JNR Diesel Shunter (Starter Set) 








JNR "Shinkansen" Bullet Train

1010 JNR Shinkansen


1011 JNR Shinkansen  coach 


1012 JNR Shinkansen coach 


1013 JNR Shinkansen



Suburban Train "Kokuden" Series 103

The scale of these trains is 1/80. In Japan this train was available in orange, yellow, blue and green.

1042 Motorized pilot coach "Yamanote-Line"


1052 Intermediate coach with pantograph


1032 Intermediate coach "Yamanote-Line"


1043 Motorized pilot coach "Chuo-Line"


1053 Intermediate coach with pantograph


1063 Intermediate coach "Chuo-Line"



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