Locomotives South Africa SAR/SAS


Lima introduced their South African outline in 1973. New models were added quickly. Starter Sets contained some rather strange versions of American and European locomotives. Many of the rarest and most collectable Lima models are from the South African outline, i. e. the Metroblitz and the Swiss RBe-railcar in SAR-colours.

Steam Engines

SAR Alco "Blue Train" (Starter Set)


3005 SAR Alco (Starter Set)



Diesel Locos

8013 SAR "Blue Train" (Starter Set)


8010 SAR Diesel (Starter Set)


1653 SAR MDT Shunter


8134 SAR Class 34


8153 SAR Class 34 "Blue Train"



Electric Locos

1663 SAR E515


8057 SAR 5E E919 red


8057 SAR 5E E919 brown



8056 SAR 5E "BlueTrain"


8056 SAR 5E "BlueTrain"


9650 SAR 5E E444 (Dummy)


8059E SAR 5E "Metroblitz" (Starter Set)




Multiple Unit Trains

SAR Railcar


8129 SAR Suburban Train (powered)


9254 SAR Suburban Train 1st Class


9255 SAR Suburban Train 3rd Class


9256 SAR Suburban Train (Dummy)




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