Locomotives FS Italia


Steam Engines

3001 Steamer (non prototypical)


Diesel Engines

1608 FS 312 (Starter Set)


1659 FS 312 Shunter


8023 FS D342


8068 FS D342


FS D342 (Starter Set) FIAT



Electric Engines

8022 FS E424 (Old Motor)


8022 FS E424 (G-Motor)


8034 FS E444


8028 FS E645


8026 FS E646 (early Version)


8026 FS E646


8149 FS E646


8150 FS E646 "Navetta"


8064 FS E656.2


8064 FS E656.5


8136 FS E633



FS MU-Trains

The ETR 480 "Pendolino" is from a starter set. All windows and many details are just printed on, the pantograph is made of plastic and is not functional. This train still uses the classic G-motor (Pancake motor).

ETR 480 FS Leading Coach


ETR 480 FSCentre Coach 2nd Cl.


ETR 480 FS Centre Coach 1st. Cl.


ETR 480 FS End Coach (Dummy)


1025 FS ETR 401 Pendolino


1026 FS ETR 401 Pendolino


1027 FS ETR 401 Pendolino


1028 FS ETR 401 Pendolino




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