Passenger Coaches DB


Simple Starter Set Coaches

9441E Platform coach DB 2nd Cl.


Coach DB 1st Cl.


Coach DB 1st Cl.


Sleeping Car DSG


9425E DB 1st Cl.


9426E DB 2nd Cl.


9427E DB 1st Cl.


9428E DB 2nd Cl.



DB Double Decker 1st class


DB Double Decker 2nd class


DB Double Decker Pilot Coach


Short Coaches

These models are based on Italian coaches and short sleepers and were catalogued from the early 60s on.

9025 DB 1st Cl.


9026 DSG Sleeping Car


9103 DB 1st Cl.


9104 DB 2nd Cl.




Coaches 25,5cms long

These coaches are modelled after an Italian style prototype (UIC Type Y), which Lima "germanized". Originally the model came with Italian bogies fitted, later German "Minden-Deutz" bogies were used. The moulds were eventually sold to the Yugoslavian company Mehanotehnika (now Mehano), where they are still in use.

9114 DB 1st Cl.


9115 DB 1st Cl.


9208 DB "Touropa"


9209 DB "Scharnow"


9130 DB 1st Cl. ("Pop" colours)


9131 DB 2nd Cl. ("Pop" colours)


9116 DB 1st Cl. TEE


9119 DB 1st Cl. (1. Version)


9119 DB 1st Cl.. (2. Version)


Local Train Coaches

The green "Thunderboxes" (as they were called in Germany) resemble similar Fleischmann models. Even the destination board "ULM" and the wrong overall scale (1/85) has been copied. See also the copies-page.

9153 DB Aie 1st Cl.


9154 DB Bie 2nd Cl.


9309 DB Die


9155 DB Bnb 2nd Cl.


9156 DB ABnb 1st/2nd mixed.


9157 DB BDnf Pilot Coach



DB Bnb 2nd Cl. "Quelle" (Set 149756)


DB ABnb 1st/2nd mixed. "Quelle" (Set)


DB BDnf Pilot Coach "Quelle" (Set)


9144S04 DB Bnb "Deutscher Herold"


9145 DB ABnb "Deutscher Herold"



Double Decker Coaches

9262 LBE (Lbeck-Bchener-Eisenbahn) Double Decker


9260 DRG Double Decker


9264 DB Double Decker


Old Time Coaches

9130 DB AB4


9131 DB A4


9349 DB D4



Express Coaches

9172 DB Am 1st Cl.


9178 DB Bm 2nd Cl.


9314 DB Dm


9174 DB Am




9179 DB Bm


9336 DB BDm


9337 DB Dm


9175 DB Am 1st Cl.


9313 DB Dm


9218 DB WRmh


9214 DSG WRmh


9214 DB WRmh


9204 DSG WLABm


9204 DSG WLABm (red skirt, rare)


9204 DSG WLABm


9206 DSG WLABm




9330 ABwmz "Eurofima"


9330 DB ABwmz "Eurofima"


9330 Avmz "Eurofima"


9176 DB Bcm "Touropa"


9177 DB Bcm "Scharnow"



Apfelpfeil (Apple Arrow)

9184 Apfelpfeil Avmz


9185 Apfelpfeil Apmz


9186 Apfelpfeil ADmh


9187 Apfelpfeil Am


9188 Apfelpfeil WRmh Diner



TEE- and Rheingold Coaches

9167 DB Avmz TEE


9168 DB Apmz TEE


9169 DB WRmh TEE


9170 DB ADmh


9174 DB Am


9217 DB "DSG"


9226 "Rheingold Salonwagen" 


9180 DB A4mh "Rheingold"







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