Passenger Coaches SNCF

Simple Models from Starter Sets

SNCF Compartment Coach


SNCF Compartment Coach


SNCF Compartment Coach


SNCF 2nd Class


SNCF Sleeping Car TEN


SNCF 1. Kl. Corail


SNCF Luggage Van


SNCF Coach Corail


SNCF Dining Car


SNCF Platform Coach




Express Coaches

9024 SNCF


SNCF A8 (Starter Set)


9124 SNCF A9


9312 A7D (grey roof)


9128 SNCF A9 (light green-grey)


9312 A7D (light green-grey)


9128 SNCF A9 (dark geen-silver)


9312 A7D (dark green-silver)


9207 SNCF Restaurant


9210 SNCF "GrilExpress"


9212 SNCF Voiture Cinema


9239 SNCF Couchettes "FTS"


9162 SNCF Couchettes "Wasteels"


9191 SNCF Couchettes


9192 SNCF B10


9341 SNCF Luggage Van



9328 SNCF Postal Coach PTT



9163 SNCF Medical Coach


Le Capitole

9117 SNCF A9 "Le Capitole"


9207 SNCF Restaurant "Le Capitole"


9307 SNCF A7D "Le Capitole"


Inox Coaches

9107 SNCF "Le Mistral" (1st Version)


9107 SNCF "Le Mistral" (2nd Version)


9113 SNCF A9 Inox


9318 SNCF A7D Inox






Corail/Eurofima Coaches

9210 SNCF B10 "Corail"


9241 SNCF A4B6 "Corail"


9241 A9 "Corail"


9344 SNCF B6D "Corail"


9340 SNCF Luggage Van "Corail"



9213 SNCF Cinema "Corail"


9248 SNCF B10 (1st Version)


9248 SNCF B10 (2nd Version)


9345 SNCF B6D



9129 A8 TEE "Grand Comfort"


9219 SNCF WR "Grand Comfort"


9311 SNCF A4D "Grand Comfort"


Local Coaches

The green 9121 coach is based on a Dutch coach from 1967. It was not listed in the catalogues and it is very rare. Apparently it was only sold by the french importer for a very short period of time.

9320 SNCF Pilot Coach


9231 SNCF Double Decker Coach


9121 SNCF 1st Class


Special Coaches

9223 SNCF Conference Car SAV



9224 SNCF Conference Car SSC





D.E.V. Coaches

9102 SNCF B8 D.E.V.







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