Coaches Great Britain - Ireland


From 1973 on British passenger coaches were made by Lima in H0 scale (1/87). In 1977 the whole range was dropped and changed to the more common British scale 00/H0 (1/76). From this time, Hornby couplings were used.

H0 Coaches from starter sets

LMS Coach







H0 Coaches

9151 GWR Mk. I


9321 LMS Mk. I




9145 BR Mk. I


9320 BR Mk. I




9135 BR Mk. II 1st Class


9136 BR Mk. II 2nd Class


9137 BR Mk. II Open Brake


9144 CIE (Ireland) Mk. II


Pullman Coaches H0

The following British style pullman cars have been taken from the continental range. The green-grey version is extremely rare. The bogies are similar to the ones used on Mk. II coaches. From 1977 on, this coach was offered with Hornby couplings in the 00/H0 programme.

9199 Pullman "Louisa"


9200 Pullmann "Golden Arrow"


9200 Pullman "Golden Arrow"


00/H0 Coaches

5313 GWR Mk. I


5322 GWR Mk. I Restaurant


5333 GWR Mk. I Open Brake


5301 BR Mk. II 1st Class


5302 BR Mk. II 2nd Class


5303 BR Mk. II Open Brake


5321 BR Mk. I Restaurant


5341 BR Mk. I "Parcels Express"


5341 BR Mk. I "Express Parcels"


5349 BR Mk. I "RES"


5334 SR Mk. I Open Brake


5311 BR Mk. I



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