Australian Coaches


Until now, the Australian Budd coaches are still the only Australian modern era long distance coaches yet produced. In the late 1990´s there have been many versions of these coaches, lettered for the then new train operators in Australia.

Old-Time Coaches

9171 NSWGR Coach


9173 NSWGR Coach first


9173 NSWGR Sleeper


Streamlines Coaches

9126 V&SAR Coach "The Overland"


9215 V&SAR Diner "The Overland"


9258 V&SAR Generator Car


9323 V&SAR Sleeper "The Overland"


9127 ANR Coach "Indian Pacific"


9216 ANR Diner "Indian Pacific"


9247 ANR Generator Car


9322 ANR Sleeper "Indian Pacific"




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