Houses and Railway Buildings

Lima also offered houses, railway buildings, stations and other accessories. The buildings were ready made plastic models. From 1982 Lima added kits of houses with carton sides and plastic roofs and bottoms. After taking over the French company Jouef, all of their accessories were integrated into the Lima range.

048 House (Carton+Plasic)


049 House (Carton+Plasic)


050 House (Carton+Plasic)


061 Station (Carton+Plastic)


071 Station (Plastic)


2071 Platform


In a set numbered 60 0935 Lima sold building kits from the German manufacturer Pola.







Other Accessories

The following accessory packs are not targeted to the serious railway modeller. But these packs add lots of play value to a toy train layout.

911 Figure-8 Bridge


944 Car unloading Station


963 Ramp, Truck and Flat Car


970 Culemeyer Station


972 Unloading Platform


978 Unloading Platform


990 Container Loader


2880 Unloading Platform




60 0029 German Style Signal


60 0022 Italian Style Signal



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