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From 1978 on Lima made one truck model, a FIAT 619, which was delivered with different trailers. Actually, this was a very good choice as this was the only 1970īs Fiat truck on the model market. Only the wheel arrangement was a little bit uncommon. In Italy you hardly find 3 axle tractors combined with 2 axle semitrailers. The radiator grill and other details are carried out nicely, so this model is still very popular among truck collectors.

801 ACL


803 (red tractor)


803 (blue tractor)


804 Shell-Tanker


805 Seatrain


807 Dunlop


807 Kodak


Fiat Culemeyer


Fiat Military-Tanker



Originally, these cars were used as loads for railway wagons. The Mercedes 220 first appeared in 1967 together with the 6-wheel articulated car carrier. Early models had windows, the front lights and radiators were painted. It was not available separately. The pictured Mercedes models are from a later production run. By the end of the 1970īs the moulds looked already very worn, no window glass was built in anymore. Some catalogues showed a Mercedes 190 and a VW Passat which should replace the old Mercedes 220. These have not been produced. Instead, a Ford Capri and a Fiat 131 have been made.

Mercedes blue


Mercedes orange


Mercedes brown


822 Ford Capri with windows


822 Ford Capri without windows


823 Fiat 131 with windows


823 Fiat 131 without windows



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Container Loader




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