Electric Accessories

Battery Power Packs

Battery power packs almost always came with starter sets. Early versions simply had to be plugged onto a single or a pair of 4.5V block batteries. Later versions contained the batteries.

011 Battery Throttle (ca. 1958)


012 Battery Throttle (ca. 1965)


012 Battery  Throttle (ca. 1972)


012A Battery Throttle (ca. 1978)




Transformers (Power Packs) for the USA (110V) have been supplied by a Hongkong based manufacturer. The big transformers 2058 and 2059 were made in Germany by Bühler and intended for sale in Germany.

2053 (220V)






2054 (220V)


2059 (220V)


2051 (220V)


2052 (220V)


6604 (110V USA)


Lighted Advertising Signs

These lighted signs are quite scarce. Such signs have been given to hobby shops for their windows. From time to time one of these signs shows up in internet auctions and fetch quite big sums.

1960´s, 25 x 40 cms




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