Starter Sets


Over the years Lima catalogued a huge number of starter sets. Most of them were made for certain countries and fitted with matching models. Many chain stores ordered their own sets. With every year there was a new range of starter packs. Due to the number of sets made by Lima I can only show a selection, a complete listing is simply impossible. The sets are shown in chronological order.


Starter Set for IHOP (International House of Pancakes), USA

2001 Steam engine Z936 without tender
2002 Coach blue
2002 Coach green

Oval of tin plate track
Battery controller


Starter Set Lima Express Battery Train

2001 Steam engine Z936 with tender
2002 Coach brown/cream (FS) 2x

Oval of tin plate track
Battery controller


1500 Lima Express Battery Train

2001 Steam engine 4640 with 4-wheel tender
2002/ST Coach without lettering, green 2x

Oval of tin plate track
Battery controller

All models equipped with simple hook and loop couplings


3000 Lima France "Paris - Nice" H0 Train a Pile

3001 Seam engine italian type with 6-wheel tender
9031 Tanker Shell
9035 Flat car with tubes
9036 Flat car with wood load

Circle of brass track 
Battery controller


9000 Lima Express "H0" SNCF Passenger Train

9021 Steam engine E680 
9024 Coach SNCF 18cms 1x
Coach SNCF 22cms 2x

Oval of brass track


Inter Europe Starter Set with Freight Train

1601 Steam engine 0690 
2701 Esso Tanker
2008 Refrigerator white
2009 Open wagon FS
2007 Low sided wagon with brakeman's cab

Circle of Track (not pictured)
Battery controller


7017 Starter Set for the Swedish Market

Electric loco ASEA 1333
9023 Sleeping car CIWL
9025 Coach DB 1st class

Oval of steel track
(no controller)


6007AZ Startset H0 British Railways

8007 Diesel engine D8900 BR
3133E High sided wagon BR
3144E Refrigerator Schweppes
2871E Container carrier "Freightliner"

Circle of steel track
Bridge with pylons
Battery controller


10 1105PH Starter Set DB

1641 Diesel engine DB BR221 
3171E FS high sided wagon
3161E UIC-van FS 2x
2713E Shell tanker 
2861E FS low sided wagon with brakeman's cab
2880E SNCF flat car with pipe unloader

Oval of steel track
2880 unloading platform
803 FIAT truck


M72 Starter Set "FIAT"

Diesel engine D342 FS Italia green/brown
2864E FS covered flat car "FIAT"
DB car carrier "FIAT" 

Oval of steel track
Unloading facility (missing from box)
4 cars (probably Mercedes, missing)
Battery controller


13 1012 Good Play (Quelle Mail Order Store) Starter Set DBAG

Diesel engine MAK 1024 DBAG (simplified)
Doubledecker coach 2nd class
Doubledecker coach 1st/2nd class
Pilot coach

Oval of steel track


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