Golden Series

The label "Golden Series" was used for train sets, mainly without transformer or track. The models were similar to the catalogued Models (i. e. no simplifications).

9700S06 SJ "City Express"





9702 DB TEE


9702 SNCF "Corail"


9704 DRG Kanonenzug "Leopold"


9708 NS "Hondekop"


9718 DSB


9730 ÖBB 4010 "Transalpin"


9742 DB 403 "Intercity"


9749 DB 403 "Lufthansa"


9751 BR HST "Inter-City 125"


9753 Australian Steam


9755 NSWGR XPT (Australien)


9758 SAR "Blue Train"


9800 DB ET 430


9801 DB ET 430


9803 LBE H-L Schnellverkehr


9804 FS "Navetta"


9806 NS "Martinair"


9807 NS "Koploper"


9808 DB VT 08


9811 BR HST "Intercity"


9812 SBB "TEE Gottardo"


9817 SNCB/NS "Benelux Trein"


Other Train Sets

From the early 90's on the name "Golden Series" on train sets was dropped. Sets were still offered in silver or dark blue boxes, the latter with "Lima Collection" print.

14 9922 NS Cargo


Good Play (Quelle Mail Order) ICE-Millennium


8039 DB BR 515 Set with Trailer



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