HEMA is a dutch chain store, which has been selling Lima trains in the 60īs and 70īs.Originally these models were sold under the brand name of "Lucky Life". On some of the models this name was not only shown on the boxes but also appeared on the bottom of the trains.

Shown here is the HEMA catalogue from 1963. Itīs a somewhat reduced issue of the standard Lima catalogue of the same year. A special version of the french BB9210 was exclusively made for HEMA. It was painted in colours of the dutch railways (blue with yellow stripes). This engine was offered separately and in several train sets. The colour scheme makes it perfectly suitable for the Orient Express Coaches of the 60īs. This model was produced over a long period of time, you can find it with the old style motor as well as the more modern G-Motor (Pancake motor) and altered frame.


The pictured "Lucky Life" set contains the HEMA BB9210 in blue as well as two Orient Express coaches. The manufacturer Lima is not mentioned on the packaging.

Later, the brand name of "Lucky Life" has been given up. Model trains, still produced by Lima in Italy were sold under the HEMA name.

Lima made HEMA trains are not really rare. If there is no original packaging, itīs hard to tell if itīs Lima or HEMA. Everything was virtually identical. Thatīs why there is no difference in price on the second hand market for both brands. If you search for HEMA products, most likely you will be lucky on auction sites in the Netherlands or probably in Belgium.

The small chapter of HEMA within the Lima history is very interresting, as itīs almost unknown outside of the Netherlands. When this era actually ended is still unclear, but it must have been around 1980.

Finally a picture of a British Cl. 33 in a late HEMA-box.