2nd International Lima Convention

in 56761 Hambuch/Eifel


 February, 24th. 2013

10am - 6pm


Big Exhibition of many Lima Models from the early years until present. Focal Point this year will be N-Scale and the transition era to the better Models in the 1980's. I will be there and try to answer all questions. 


Convention means meeting people and exchanging knowledge. We received lots of interrest in advance, the bad weather with lots of snow caused problems to many potential visitors. Furthermore, we realized that Hambuch is maybe not the right location for such an event. Nevertheless, in my eyes it was a success. Unfortunately, we had to skip our plans to move this event to Verona in northern Italy. One of the reasons was the missing support of the Italian Lima collectors.

AI tried to show some rare and interresting Lima-trains to the public, and we covered the history of Lima in the 80's and 90's. Lima N-gauge was our second theme.

We were very surprised, when a Lima collector from the Netherlands showed up in the morning and unpacked many very interresting models. Thanks a lot! 

But now some pictures:

Thanks again, Hambuch Rail Modellers!